Getting Out For Overnight Adventures

IMG_8189.jpeg - Successfully getting out for overnight adventures

Available Spring 2020 in both e-book and print


Does the idea of taking the family for an overnight trip overwhelm you? Have you gone on one only to find the car overpacked, yet forgotten to pack a change of clothes? 

Don’t let a small trip overwhelm you. Small trips can lead to bigger adventures. We have to start small and build upon there with a regular practice of getting away? We need to know that you can’t prepare for everything, but you can have a plan for a lot of it. Then know mistakes and problems will arise, be ok with that, and push yourself to shine in any setback. Challenge is what allows us to grow and foster growth in others. 

We examine some general ways to prepare for overnight adventures from slumber parties to car camping, backpacking in the back country or around Europe, and even easy getaway weekends to a cabin or hotel. Don’t spent the next weekend at home, get out, explore, and find your next adventure!