Companion Projects

Adventuring in is a project from, a site dedicated to finding supportive ways to help get you out of the house, out of your routine, and regularly seeking new experiences. Read about a few of them below. 



Kiddiewalks is where we test out new ideas for places to go and things to do around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We write up our experiences with different outings, hikes, bike rides, museum visits, and experiences that present themselves. Always on the lookout for the next great experience, join us in our explorations. 



Kidtins are print and play travel games you customize and pack in your go bag. Purchase and download one of our games and you have a nifty time filler for your next outing. Or try one of our free samples! 

Creating your Kidtin game is as easy as:

  • Download a PDF file
  • Print it out
  • Color the pieces
  • Glue them to some thing cardboard (from something like a cereal box)
  • Cut out the pieces
  • Drop them into a mint tin (Altoids tins work the best) or a sandwich bag
  • Add in a single six-sided die

A Smarter Parent

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